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Nerds save the babes


Nerds save the Babes is a game about— hmm— how am I going to explain this— I think it makes sense to start from the beginning—

It all started one day in the office of the infamous game company Racoon Games– the handsome and talented coder Rupert looked at his computerscreen and a message popped up: “Shall we play a game?”

You don`t have to ask Rupert a question like that twice.

He typed “Yess!!!!” into the console and then something went very wrong in the server room.

A big flash, a loud noise— and something truly evil forced it’s way into our world and eliminated all the male game designers and male artists. Yeah, right— they vanished without a trace. Very mysterious.

So suddenly Rupert found himself being the only male left in the company— the only male alone with dozens of female interns, game designers and secretaries!

As if this were not enough all of a sudden the game monsters from the games came alive, jumped out of the computers and started to hunt and kidnap his female co- workers.

So Rupert acted as a responsible citizen and decided that it was time to SAVE THE BABES!

That`s how it all began— and since that time he is trying his best to do exactly that—- but he could use some help by a shrewd and ruthless gamer like you.
To help him fight the ever growing army of game monsters from all kinds of game genres, to find the babes and to escort them into safety.
Are you up to the task?

Can — NERDS save the BABES?


You are Rupert, a coder from Racoon Game studios and survivor of the server apocalypse.
Your task is to fight your way through the different levels of the game company building, terminate the creatures from the games that became alive somehow and find and save all the babes, then bring them to safety. Every level has it’s own unique masses of monsters, bosses and challenges. Clean the levels with clever selection and use of your weapons and utilities. Will you be able to SAVE THE BABES?


  • Over 20 levels of increasing difficulty
  • 5 beautiful unique environments
  • 8+ Unique Weapons
  • 5 Gimmicks to master the levels
  • Сrazy fun enemies
  • Huge bosses
  • Original music and sound effects
  • Achievments
  • Tons of Easter Eggs and funny situations
  • Bonus: Collectable Babes Cards
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