Who are you?
We are in core 2 people who love games. Both of us are working professionally in the media industry and are generalists with at least one area of expertise.
Bilgin is a professional coder, game designer, author with additional experience in webdesign, sounddesign and 3d content creation, Oliver is a professional commercial artist, storyboarder and animator with long time 3d experience who also has understanding of coding and sound engineering.

We both have networks of talented collegues that we will make use of as soon as we get into Early Access to speed up the production.

What do you have already?
We have a working prototype and the custom models for the office set and one level of enemies.
We also have tons of ideas filed and a load of concept art.
Right now the gameplay of the prototype needs to be balanced and sounddesign and FX are not yet addressed, but the game is already fun to play though it needs more funny dialog and other funny stuff that has not been implemented yet.

Will you go into Early Access or launch straight on Steam after Greenlight?
The game will be launched as Early Access after the Steam Greenlight. The focus of Early Access will be balancing an tweaking the gameplay and designing and adding new enemies, levels and funny and crazy ideas.
We will start Early Access as soon as we are satisfied with the first level and then use your highly appreciated feedback and ideas to improve and advance the game.
As soon as we have reached a satisfying game play and a satisfying game play time and level count the game can be released.

What can I do to contribute?
We need you to save the babes! We will collect and analyze all your feedback and crazy ideas and when they fit with our vison and does not conflict with legal stuff there is a fat chance of them making it into the game.

When do you plan to go into Early Access?
As soon as we have a Greenlight and after we are satisfied with the gameplay of the level we can release it on Early Access and look forward to your input. Early Access Builds will be released Chapterwise.

Do you have plans for additional content?
Yes, but we are currently concentrating on preparing “NERDS save the BABES” for Early Access.

What is your business model?
The game will be premium on PC. No pay to win BS, you will have to work the same as anybody else to save the babes. You will get all the content and all the fun for a small price that we haven’t decided yet.

Can I help to make the game more awesome?
YES, your contribution is highly appreciated! Play the game, be engaged in the forums, talk about us on facebook and twitter , tell us what you like or dislike, and tell us what fun stuff you would like to see in the upcoming levels. We really want your input.